Welcome to Emerald Flame Healing Services

Are you ready to devote yourself to being well? If it is time for pain and trauma to exit your life, I'm very glad you found me. Scars on our hearts and scars in our bodies require the same medicine sometimes: loving attention. An anatomy-informed reiki treatment goes deeper than muscle to release emotional and spiritual dis - ease. It also lowers the volume on pain signals and overstimulation for people living with chronic conditions like nervous, muscular or even anxiety disorders.

  • I come to you. I am a traveling healer, and if you have space for a massage chair then you have space for me to work. You may also find me working at some of your favorite events and festivals.
  • I have a wide variety of experience both giving and receiving energy work. I use reiki for my own health and I'm familiar with the journey from chronic pain to relief.
  • I am a multi-talented practitioner. Whatever enhances the energy flow, I'll throw it in there. Toning, breath work, stretching, percussion... I've been trained in a lot of stuff!

I also take pride in ethical behavior. To that end, I have a few policies about maintaining professional boundaries for both client and practitioner. Please see my "About Me" page for the full text of the client-practitioner agreement.

Contact me today to make an appointment!

My phone number is (916) 730-6032 and my email is emeraldflame.healing@gmail.com. You can also send me a message through the "Contact Me" page on this website.