Services & Rates


$72 per 60 minutes

I spend the first half of the session actually working on your body, finding the places where energy is either stagnating or overwhelming your other systems. I use a variety of subtle energy techniques to enhance the reiki flow including toning, tapping, and some light massage. If the core of the issue is ready to be released, I free the bound energy and rebalance the circulation of your vital forces. The latter half of the session is discussing what I found, what images or feelings came up for both of us and how that might relate to your healing path.

I usually assign a little homework as well, like suggestions for stretches, books that might be helpful, or additional resources that you may find enlightening. These are not to be considered a prescription, but they are certainly helpful for accelerating your healing process if that is your priority. If one of the issues that I found is not ready to be addressed (it may be too overwhelming, too painful or you simply may not be psychologically ready to let go of it), then I will give you ideas to work on it yourself until our next session.


I provide oracle card readings and astrological chart analysis. Both are helpful tools to see yourself and your situation with a different lens, furthering your spiritual growth.

Oracle Card Readings are popular for both events and private clients. Work with animal archetypes to gain an understanding of subconscious influences and how you can use them to their best effect.


Small star spead for simple questions - $27

Shield spread for major questions - $54

Astrology Readings are based on the relationships between the stars at the moment of your birth. I provide a written report of the planetary influences on your personality and life path, as well as ways you may evolve toward your highest potential.

Basic natal chart report - $54

Quick Fix Cleansing

$21 per 20 minutes

This is if you just need a metaphysical tune-up. If you have some lingering energy from other people, have been feeling drained, or if you just want to refresh your energetic space, I will use a bundle of cleansing herbs (please inform me if you have any allergies!) to sweep away the bits that have collected in your field. Then I bring in golden healing light to replace whatever was removed and, viola! This is also a nice addition before or after a healing session.

At the end of the session, I will discuss whatever needed the most cleansing and give you the bundle of herbs to burn yourself. I can burn them if you don't have a fire-safe space where you can do that, but it's always best to do away with our obstacles ourselves.